Five Common Mistakes to Avoid When Putting Together Your Pitch Slides

Your pitch deck can act as your first impression.

If it’s neatly polished, professional and engaging, it’s like showing up to the pitch looking and feeling professional and prepared.

If it’s thrown together last minute and all over the place, it’s as if you showed up last minute dressed unprofessionally.

You can’t afford to lose your pitch –– especially due to poor design.

Here are five common mistakes we see too often as a presentation design company:

Too much text

Your text should support what you say, not distract people from listening to you.
Solution: Use concise bullet points and focus on imagery

Unsuitable fonts

Accessibility over style, here. Some fonts just aren’t very reader-friendly.
Solution: Pick a common PowerPoint system font, like Arial or Calibri, so there’s less squinting and more simplicity.

Bad colour usage

Too many colours can make your presentation messy and stressful to view. Even more, neglecting colour contrast can make text difficult to read (i.e. putting white text on a yellow background!).
Solution: Use your company’s brand colours or use PowerPoint’s built-in colour templates.

Low-quality images and visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words. But when it doesn’t have enough pixels or it’s irrelevant, those thousand words can work against you.

Solution: Use a free or paid for stock image site to properly source images. If you need a graphic design or diagram, consider outsourcing the work.

Overusing transitions or effects

Transitions can be fun to play around with, but you want to look professional. These often tend to distract, disrupt, and detract from your presentation.

Solution: Only use animation effects for text, not visuals.

There’s one final yet crucial mistake we’ll list: Not taking the time to do it right.

Don’t lose a project because of your poorly designed or last-minute pitch slides. Let our design team take it off your hands – and even get them to you overnight. Reach out today to learn more!

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