PowerPoint Templates: What They Are and Why You Need One

You’re finding yourself spending a lot of time formatting slides before each presentation. The good news is, having a PowerPoint template will help make your life as a busy businessperson much easier.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what PowerPoint templates are all about and why you need one.

PowerPoint templates are a great way for time-pressed professionals to build a solid presentation. Designing a custom template for yourself or your team is a great way to save time, boost company branding and inspire your work, no matter how big the task at hand is.

Firstly, it’s important to identify the difference between a theme, template, and slide master. So, let’s dive in…

Template: A template is a theme plus some more content for a specific purpose – such as a sales presentation, a business plan, or a classroom lesson.

They include fonts, layouts, and images as well as colours and effects that are already set up for you so all you need to do is insert the text to be presented.

Theme: A theme is a set of predefined colours, fonts, and visual affects you apply to your slides for a consistent, professional appearance.

Slide Master: is simply, all the default layouts within a template. What’s so great about Slide Master Templates is that they allow you to create consistent layouts across your slides, without having to do any manual formatting. This can save time when making changes in the future, ensure consistency across presentations and inspire you.

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What should a good PowerPoint template include?

What IG would use is something that has all three of these elements!

The most efficient template file is something that has all three of these elements included. So, you have colours, fonts, styles and branding in a single template file that you can access and use at your convenience.

The template ensures a professional look across all your presentations and deliverables, speeds up the process of putting slides together and makes it easier to swap out slides if people are using different versions of PowerPoint.

Why do you need one?


Templates help to ensure the quality of your slides; they guarantee consistency! This is one point that presentation experts across the globe would agree upon. Having a PowerPoint Template makes sure presentations from anyone in your company are consistent in terms of font, style, layout, and colours, rather than using individual skill and preferences. Presentation Templates are all about simplifying the process of putting together a deck.

Saves Time: a lot of it in fact!

The additional benefit of working with templates is that it becomes easier to pull things from different decks. Good layouts mean your slides will look more inspiring – for yourself and your clients.

Easy Formatting!

An effective PowerPoint template will save you time in the long run. They make creating slides faster as you can add in frequently used layouts to the master, resulting in less manual formatting. With a template, you can guarantee you’ll reduce the time spent on making changes.

Even worse, if you need a fresh start for your next client, it’s back to the design wheel. So what can save valuable hours for busy professionals? PowerPoint templates.

Not only will you earn your time back, but you will drastically improve the quality of your presentations. You will also reduce the likelihood of mistakes appearing in your presentations.

If you’re working across different templates and can’t keep consistency, IG can take this stress away. For more information about using PowerPoint templates to put your presentations together, get in touch with us here.