Reinvigorating A Company Overview Deck

The initial impression your company makes can be the decisive factor between closing a deal or losing it.

So, a captivating and compelling overview deck is not just a nice-to-have, it’s an essential tool to mesmerise potential clients.

Invigorating a company overview deck is an initial project for many of IG’s clients. And often in the process of doing this, the question of how to structure a company overview deck is one of the first questions we get asked.

In this blog, you’ll learn two categories of structures, when to use them and how to decide which to use. Next stop… maximum impact!


Structure 1: Unleash Your Strengths

Unleash the power of your unique identity, unrivalled expertise, and distinctive edge!

Begin by introducing your team and their unrivalled skillset. Showcase their capabilities, positioning them as the driving force behind your success. Cement your credibility by presenting a compelling case study and use testimonials to back it up.

With this structure, you’ll ignite curiosity, instil confidence, and leave a lasting imprint on potential clients.

Structure 2: Conquer the Challenges

Prepare to conquer the hurdles that hold your clients back!

Start by addressing their pain points head-on, demonstrating your understanding of their challenges. Present your company as the solution provider, armed with methodology and cutting-edge technology. This structure empowers you to position your brand as the catalyst for their successes, sparking the desire for collaboration.

Deciding Which Structure To Use

In deciding how to structure your company overview deck, consider two vital factors:

What Is Your Unique Selling Point (USP)?

If your team’s unparalleled expertise is your USP, opt for the first structure. Spotlight their relevant accomplishments early on, fuelling them with case studies to showcase your credibility.

Alternatively, if your patented methodology or unique technological solutions is your USP, choose the second structure. Craft a narrative that positions your offerings as the ultimate right solution to a clients’ needs or problems or challenges.

Context Is Key

Where And When Will Your Deck Be Used?

In introductory calls, it could be more appropriate to ignite interest with the essentials: your approach, team, support, achievements, and client roster.

However, during subsequent meetings with engagement on the cards, expand your deck to include details of your client collaboration. Share details of your methodology, implementation strategy, events, and implementation offering, for example.

At IG, you’ll be supported in creating overview decks, presentations or documents that soar above the competition. Get in touch here.