Four Reasons Why Your Design Cements Your Credibility

You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. You may even try to live by this sage advice yourself. When it comes to business, however, the reality is that most people will. Consciously or subconsciously, your mind makes snap decisions based on what’s presented in front of you.

With that being said, the appearance of your document is as important a means to convey credibility as is the content. Both appearance and content, therefore, need to align so no one thinks poorly of, or misjudges, either.

One: Create Trust

Trust and credibility go hand-in-hand. Having a defined style for your brand instils trust in your audience, giving people the ability to identify your brand quickly, above others.

Designing a document that is consistent and on-brand creates a positive cycle where people start to associate the quality of the things you are saying with your brand. The next time someone sees your brand, they will think of it favourably as they remember the interesting report or well-supported document you presented last time.

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Two: Keeping Up with Your Competitors

Nobody wants to spend their life keeping up with the Jones’. But when it comes to business, you do have to bring more to the table than your competitors.

A strong design helps to level things out: It provides your content with a foundation upon which your expertise can shine through.

Often bigger companies have an advantage over smaller businesses. They likely have whole marketing departments and in-house designers to help make their work stand out.

Clients start to expect a certain standard of design which often influences their opinions on how credible your work is. With IG as your design team, you can compete with bigger businesses in terms of their design.

Design Planning

Three: First Impressions Last

You only get one chance to make a first impression. And often they stick.

That’s why it’s so important your design reflects the quality of your work.

A well-designed document gives you credibility. If your slides look outdated and old-fashioned, people may presume that the content or advice you’re giving is also, even if you’re sharing vital information.

Four: Key Statistics are Seen

Designing a credible document or presentation is more than just choosing the right colours or layout.

There may be key facts or figures in your report that will back up what you’re saying. So, make sure it’s seen! If your information or findings are displayed in a concise and easy-to-digest design, you can ensure the important information is highlighted and guarantee your audience won’t miss it!

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