Time Sensitive Proposal

Proposal document turned round on a tight deadline…here’s how IG did it.

When you’ve got a big project on the horizon and you need to get it done in a short amount of time, it can feel like the pressure is on. You need all hands on deck to make sure that you’re not going to miss the deadline.

IG can support you with just that! And here’s how…

The client in this case study is a major international consultancy agency. Their project consisted of a substantial proposal, requiring the collaboration of several in-house consultants.

The problem

The client had received feedback that a previous proposal design wasn’t really up to scratch. This response, coupled with the fact the timeline on this new project was so tight, meant there was no way the in-house team could manage the workload to the required standard. Let alone exceed expectations.

With very little time and with staff capacity already limited, it was a near on impossible task.

Or so they thought…

The solution

IG got started on the project very early on. Supporting the client through each stage to prevent any last-minute time crunches.

As the templates for the previous proposal had been rejected due to their incredibly basic presentation, IG’s first action was to create new templates. It was crucial this was done first, as it allowed the consultants to work within the same perimeters. Meaning they weren’t left with a high volume of editing at the end, having to transfer each piece of work into a single document which would become the final deliverable.

Due to the nature of their individual expertise, the consultants often found themselves working on different sections of a proposal alone, meaning the information wasn’t being written in a consistent visual style to one other. Thanks to the solution of IG’s overnight formatting support, there were no major edits required when individual sections were assembled into one cohesive document. This allowed each consultant to concentrate on putting their data onto paper, leaving the collation and formatting to IG.

IG also hosted ‘page-turn’ meetings with the writers. The purpose of a ‘page-turn’ meeting is to find out which elements, from each page, would benefit from being turned into a graphic. Graphics are powerful tools to utilise in text heavy documents, as they break up words and showcase important data. And in this case, assist in making the proposal more visually appealing.

In the week leading up to the deadline of the submission, IG compiled all the various sections of the document together, finalising formatting and completing all design checks to ensure the final output would exceed the brief.

The result

The client was able to submit a more visually impressive and consistently designed document than they ever had before.

Because IG had project managed the design from beginning to end, there was no last-minute panic or time crunch.

The client valued the way IG was able to work directly with the in-house consultants to understand the content and the message necessary to portray. Allowing the document to be cohesive, and for the client to claw back some valuable time.

If you have a proposal for a time-sensitive project that needs to be delivered quickly, be sure to have a plan in place.

IG will project manage your design and offer overnight formatting support to get the job done. If you want to elevate the design of your next proposal, get in touch with IG here.

We’ll help you make it happen!