Collaborating With Your In-House Marketing Team

Finding that sweet spot between when to delegate and when to take on everything yourself is tricky.

You might be lucky enough to have somebody on your team who’s had a bit of experience with PowerPoint and already works on your deliverables. Meaning you don’t have to spend hours formatting text boxes.

You may also have in-house graphic designers or a dedicated marketing team.

Even if you do have all this creative support on hand, you still might find yourself challenged during peak times when suddenly you’ve got more work than they can handle.

So, how do you delegate the work without unbalancing the harmony of the team? Especially when hiring another member isn’t viable when business inevitably ebbs outside of peak times.

A classic example is when clients are hosting a big event and as well as all of their presentations, they need collateral around the event such as banners, signage, invitations.

In a situation like that, it can be helpful to have an external resource available to give your designer a bit of extra bandwidth. Somebody like IG.

You may have recognised that there are certain skillsets and talents that are better suited for an external team. And there are other skillsets that are better suited for your in-house teams’ talents.

Afterall, your clients are paying for those designers’ specialist skills – not for them to tackle work well below their pay grade.

Using external designers, like IG, who work alongside your existing in-house team (not replacing them), means your staff aren’t wasting time.

They’re now free to flex their skills on more crucial, brand sensitive tasks. And they’re inevitably happier to put their expertise to much better use!

If you think that your in-house team would benefit from having a bit of extra bandwidth, don’t wait until you urgently need it. Start the conversation early and get in touch with us today.

If you want to find a way to be more efficient and make more progress with the resources you have, working with IG is the way to go.