How Fast Is Super-Fast?

In an ideal world, you know exactly when your final reports are due. Or when a presentation is needed.

And, in this ideal world, you’re able to finish all of it in good time.

But as we know, few plans survive contact with reality. Deadlines get moved. Meetings appear out of nowhere. Things just take longer than you expected.

Suddenly, you’re running out of time to get the design support that you need to elevate your document (or even just get it in a presentable state at all!).

Most design agencies would probably require advanced notice or lead time. IG is different. We’re perfectly capable of picking something up with zero notice and getting it back to you in a matter of hours. That’s how fast ‘super-fast’ is, in IG’s terms, anyway.

So, how do we do it?

Overnight Turnaround

Making sure that we’re set up ahead of time means that when you need us in a pinch, you’re not having to scramble around to find your brand guidelines.

The longer we work with each other, the better opportunity IG has to understand your style and preferences. This makes it much easier for us to pick something up and turn it around quickly. Exactly the way you want it, too. Your Account Manager becomes an extension of you. Read more about that here.


You have a job that needs doing, and it’s going to take eight hours to go through and make all of the changes that you need. Sounds feasible. But wait… you need it for a meeting in six hours!!

IG can take your document and split it up into different sections. Then distribute it to a number of our in-house team members who can all work on it independently. Making sure that they’re all working within the same branding and template.

IG have a dedicated Quality Control team whose job is to then combine those sections, look through the entire project, and make sure that everything is consistent. Essentially, ensuring it looks like it’s been created with a single artistic intent.

If you find yourself working on a document which you know you haven’t the time available to send to a designer, IG can work on it while you sleep.

We’ll take the document at the end of your day, and then get it back to you the following morning. So that you can start working on it right away.

If these are situations you’ve experienced before (and would rather avoid in future!), you need a resource like IG on hand.

Call us today and we’ll can make sure you’re set up and ready to handle the next ‘last-minute’ assignment. Here’s how to get in touch.