Post-Covid Presentation Recovery

If you’re anything like most, you probably thought that once lockdown ended, you’d go back to in-person meetings.

But your reality might be that in your in-person meetings never recovered. Everything stayed on ‘Zoom’ or ‘MS Teams’ and you’re now working the new hybrid way.

At the start of the pandemic, it was a scramble to adjust. And most clients, potential clients or consultancies were happy that you’d even showed up!

Now you’re two years down the line. Tech has evolved and those watching your online presentations are less forgiving.

And when you’re pitching at a high-level, not to mention against your competitors, you can’t afford to slip up.

Whether you like the new way or not, video is here to stay. For 2023 and beyond. Because it continues to be the primary way people have meetings.

So, what does that mean for your presentation styles and how do you stay ahead of the curve?

Pre-Recorded Presentations

When you need to send a quick pitch, consider using pre-recorded presentations.

There’s plenty of software available to show your slide decks as well as a video of you presenting them.

You can record and send this in as little as five minutes without losing the chance to get your personality across!

Your competitors are likely doing it – meaning they have a foot in the door before you’ve even had a chance to coincide with your potential prospects’ busy diary.

Microsoft have upped their game by adding this functionality as standard within PowerPoint. Allowing you to link each video to a specific slide, so that there’s no skipping!

The best bit? You already know and trust PowerPoint. So, you won’t have to learn, or invest, in a new piece of software.


In the past, animations have been given a bad rap. Outdated, glitchy animations probably spring to mind!

But a new trend predicted to burst onto stage in 2023 are animations that are both smart and minimal.

A small amount of motion, requiring little effort, can make your presentation feel more modern.

Not only that, but it makes you stand out, which has become more and more important as we’ve transitioned to being online more than ever!

Morph Functions

Staying within the animation vein, morph functions take your online presentations from average to WOW!

Instead of explaining your way through a transformation, you can let the graphics do the talking for you.

Whether you’re giving a virtual or in-person presentation, having the ability to present yourself and your ideas, or results, engagingly and effectively, is key.

As your slides morph from the old to the new, it will emphasise the change and complete your pitch.

But Wait, There’s More…

The three points listed above are only scratching the surface of the tools and trends available to you as you head into 2023.

IG is here to keep you ahead of the curve without you having to give up any more of your precious time.

And when you don’t have time to nail the design and flow of your online presentation, IG can do it for you.

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