Three Ways IG Can Save Consultants Time

You’re up against it and bogged down working on slide decks and presentations – with neither being a good use of your time.

Delegating the small tasks can sometimes feel like a big ask but doing so will have a big impact on your productivity. Not to mention your ability to focus on the important things.

As well as supporting consultancies with elevating their design, IG can also help you and your consultants save time, allowing you to focus instead on what you do best by taking on the repetitive or time-consuming tasks for you.

Read on to find out the three ways IG does it.

  1. Creating Slides

The first way IG helps is by assisting you in creating your slides in the first place.

We will take anything from a sketch of a slide, scribble on a notepad or event bullet pointed text and turn them into customised slides for you.

You might have been at a meeting, and you’ve sketched out content on a whiteboard or taken some rough notes down.

Instead of typing all that up yourself, you can send it across to IG in its current ‘rough’ format. By the time you’re back in your office, you’ve got a completed slide with all that content included so that you can get right to work.

It’s a quick win that allows you to optimize the time in your working day.

  1. Raw Data Solutions

The second way that IG can help you save time is by handling your raw data.

That might be taking a list of websites you’ve provided and scraping information from the list to populate your case study slides. Or perhaps it’s taking some of your existing data and using it to refresh charts or tables in an existing document.

Similarly, IG can take a chart or graph from a third-party source. Whether it’s in the form of a screenshot of a chart, it will be recreated in a legible format and within your brand guidelines. This could be so that you can have branded charts within your report, or it could be so that you can look at the data behind it and do your own analysis.

  1. Formatting

The third way that IG helps consultants save time is with formatting.

There are plenty of bad slide decks out there. And unfortunately, the people most damaged by them are the consultants themselves.

Not everything you produce needs to be jaw droppingly beautiful. But you want to make sure your slides are neat, smart and in line with your branding.

It’s not a good use of a senior consultant’s time to be moving boxes around on a PowerPoint slide and checking that everything’s all lined up. By sending your slides to IG for a quick look over before they go to the clients, you can make sure that everything is consistent without spending hours checking through them yourself!

Delegation is a skill. And the more you do it, the easier it becomes. You deserve to offload the time-consuming tasks and get back to flexing your expertise.

If you’re pushed for time and need people to whom you can delegate tasks, IG is on hand to provide you with some extra support. Get in touch here.