Imitor Graphica: The 2023 Rebrand

The wait is finally over as we introduce the all-new IG website and branding.

This re-brand is more than a simple makeover, we decided to rethink our visuals from the ground up.

We felt the old IG brand was too corporate looking and didn’t do justice to the quality of our creative work.

Originally, Imitor Graphica was founded as a corporate brand, with a focus on providing outsourcing services in the consultancy industry. However, through the growth of our team, our skills, and the needs of our clients, we realised that we had evolved beyond this original mission.

With this new brand, we wanted to strike a balance between being organised, professional and creative, without losing sight of the fact we are a design agency!

The new look better reflects our commitment to creativity and innovation.

First and foremost, if you’ve never worked with us before, you can now see our case studies and examples here. This way, you’ll get a better idea of how IG works.

As a client of IG’s, you’ll be guided, and inspired, by our expertise to achieve your goals through our provision of unique and tailored design.

For our existing, valued clients, everything remains the same. But with this visual change, you’ll enjoy our updated and refreshed look! Whilst we’ve made visual changes, our commitment to our clients is unchanged.

You can still reach us in the same way, and the system for briefing hasn’t changed. The same, expert team will continue to work on your account.

IG is pleased with our new visual identity and how it represents quality, efficiency, and flexibility. With these pillars in mind, we continue to serve our clients, old and new, with expert advice and design.

If you’re interested in working with IG, simply click here to find out more.