Project Support For Consultants

Throughout the lifecycle of a project, you’ll likely experience plenty of challenges.

But when you’re a consultant working on a project-by-project basis it can be difficult to predict when these challenges may arise.

No matter which stage of your projects you’re at; winning the work, doing the work or even delivering the work – IG can help with all of it. Because IG understands consultants.

Meaning that we can slot in and support you for the whole project or just for a particular stage. Saving you time and helping to improve the quality of your work.


At the proposal stage of a project, it’s all about setting the right impression. Trying to win the project by presenting your company (and proposed projects) in the best possible light.

There are often standardised slides, such as credit slides and team bios, that you will use again and again, from one proposal to the next.

IG appreciates how vital it is to get your impression right from the start, so we’ll spend the time necessary to make you look as good as possible.

So that when you do suddenly have to put a new proposal together, you’ve got lots of assets already that look consistent. Which can now be easily plugged into your proposal without a second thought.

During The Project

So, you’ve won the project! Now you’ve got to actually do the work…

What this looks like inevitably varies from project to project.

Sometimes there’ll be lots of individual meetings with stakeholders. Maybe those meetings need slide decks of their own.

Or perhaps it’s taking pictures of a whiteboard from a brainstorming session and turning that into a graphic or slide.

Whatever needs to happen, there are lots of ways IG can support you. Take the work off your hands and ease the pressure.

Rather than you are spending time on PowerPoint trying to make everything look consistent,

you can shift your focus to delivering the project and adding the most value.


Final Deliverable

When it comes towards the end of the project it’s important to do justice to the many hours you’ve poured into the project by not compromising on the aesthetics.

IG will guarantee that your final report looks outstanding. Visually conveying the value of the work that you’ve done.

It goes without saying that every consultancy is different. And every consulting project is different. It might be that your final deliverable isn’t a PowerPoint presentation to the board – it’s an article, or report, that’s going to be published externally. Perhaps it’s a tool that you’ve built…

Whatever kind of project you’re working on, whatever its challenges, you can leave it to IG to make your hard work look incredible.

If you think your project would benefit from extra support, we’d love to help. Get in touch here.