Easy Steps To Creating Effective Data Visualisation

When you’re trying to convey something complicated in a presentation or pitch, incorporating visuals can help people to get their heads around it.

Whether that’s an in-depth, fully-fledged out infographic diagram or a high-level concept shown in visual stages.

It can also assist you with the flow of your presentation, so that you don’t have to keep stopping to answer questions.

From data tables to pie charts, we’ve come a long way in making data easier to understand!

So, the question is, how you go from a concept in your head to a fully-fledged diagram on the page?

In this blog, we’ll explain a few easy steps you can take to create effective data visualisation.

Get Started!

Whether you’re attempting to create a visualisation yourself or trying to explain it to a designer, the first step is to start by getting something down on paper.

You cannot begin until you begin.

The easiest place to start is by sketching something out. The final product may very well end up being different to where you began. But creating a starting point will allow you to critique what you’ve already got and work on it iteratively.

Talk It Through

Even if you’re planning on creating the visualisation yourself, it helps to talk it through with somebody else.

Forcing yourself to explain your concept, in simple terms, can assist you in figuring out what the important points of information are. And sometimes, those important parts may not be what you originally thought!

Consider The Context

Think about the context of your infographic. Is this going to be something that needs to stand alone and convey all the information? Or is it something that you’re going to be able to talk through or have explanatory text alongside it?

If it’s the latter, then the visualisation can be much simpler and more high-level. Giving an overview of the concepts so that the viewer has the context to understand the deeper explanation that you’re giving. Start with the concept’s simplest version of the graphic and build out from there.

Putting these steps into practice will give you the chance to bring your data to life so that your audience can easily understand.

If you would like help visualising complex concepts, data or support with your next presentation, we’d love to partner with you! Get in touch with IG here.