How Best to Prepare for a Virtual Presentation & Get the Result You Want

We all know we could be doing more to promote ourselves, our businesses, or the…

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How to Ensure Your Presentation Lands

The pressure of giving a presentation is enough to make anyone’s head spin. You are…

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Five Common Mistakes to Avoid When Putting Together Your Pitch Slides

Your pitch deck can act as your first impression. If it’s neatly polished, professional and…

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PowerPoint vs Google Slides: The all-important debate

‘What is the best program for making my presentations? Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides?’ As…

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How to Design Your Business Proposal: Make a Powerful First Impression

Having a proposal that looks good, clear, smart and professional increases your chances of being…

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Are External Agencies the Future of Successful Bid Design?

Why design matters From major, multi-month infrastructure bids to small project proposals, design plays in…

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